1927 Sloan Speed Six Special

“Racing cars are neither ugly nor beautiful. They become beautiful when they win” Enzo Ferrari

1927 Sloan Speed Six Special
Finished in British Racing Green on wire wheels with a tan leather interior, this Speed Six Special is just that. Powered by a Jaguar 4.2 L straight six with XK gearbox and overdrive this is a stunning driving experience.
The British obsession with “Specials” dates back to the very early days of motoring where large car producers didn’t exist. The small firms that did, often supplied mechanical components to other producers and chassis and bodies were often outsourced with coachbuilders building bodies to a particular design or style. As the motor industry progressed, large motor firms began building the complete vehicle in house. This often led to owners of vehicles making their own changes and improvements to the vehicles they had, creating “specials” that would often out-perform the factory designs.
This example of a custom built “Special” not only takes design and styling cues from the 1920’s but incorporates many of the components of the era to deliver a truly authentic vintage driving experience. Chassis flex, vintage braking and raw power to the rear wheels makes this beast a vehicle that you must not only respect but learn to drive to truly appreciate and enjoy. The team at Bains have very fond memories of being in the UK where Prescott Hill Climb and Goodwood are often stomping grounds for some truly magnificent “Specials”. The history and engineering of many specials, not only in New Zealand but around the world are an amazing testament to the people that built and raced them. The Sloan Speed Six has an easily managed hood and tonneau cover for wet weather driving.
The owner of this vehicle is reluctantly selling the Sloan Speed Six due to being offered a vehicle that he has coveted for many years. We are instructed to consider any realistic offers that are presented as a swift sale is expected.