1930 Alvis Silver Eagle SD


BAINS CLASSIC MOTOR HOUSE is excited to present this truly stunning Alvis Silver Eagle S to the market. This very special example left the works in October 1930 and was sold by Alvis agents James H Galt of Glasgow, Scotland to its first owner. The car was exported to New Zealand in 1938. Originally fitted with a Cross & Ellis sports saloon body the vehicle was purchased for restoration in 1968 by a well know gentleman in Alvis circles. The car was the subject of an extensive rebuild and restoration and was re-registered in 1971. A unique alloy sports tourer body, very much in the style of Vanden Plas was built during this time, and was finished to a very high standard. The vehicle has changed little since then, and still after 50 years retains the same beautifully patinated paintwork.
This car is a rare example as it is documented that while a total of 1490 cars were produced, only 282 were “S” models and of the surviving 105 vehicles a mere 43 are “S” cars. The main features of the S models were their narrow 4 foot 2 inch track compared to the 4 foot 6 inch track of the T cars; the close ratio gear box with a higher 2nd gear; a higher final drive ratio, typically 4.77, and the triple SU carburettors. It is important to note that only the “S” models were fitted with a 100mph speedometer! 75 Silver Eagle SD’s were produced by Alvis Cars Ltd from May 1930 until Jan 1932, 11 are known to survive, the other 10 all in the UK.
Not only is this a very usable vintage touring car, but a stunning looking example with fantastic provenance. Please contact us for a full information pack on this amazing car.

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