1963 Renault Dauphine

The Renault Dauphine is a French rear-engined sedan that was quite the show-stopper when released. In 1957 the late Queen Elizabeth II accepted the gift of a light blue Renault Dauphine on a visit to Renault’s British assembly plant in Acton, west London. “Crowe is proud to announce that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has accepted the gift of a Dauphine for her personal use”
This lovely example was assembled in New Zealand by “Todd Motor Group”. Sold new to Mr James Dineen of Dunedin on the 20th of May 1963, this car comes complete with original ownership papers, sales book, road test information etc. A smart original example with lovely patina.
In 1966 a Renault press statement said Dauphine production passed the million mark in just four years – more quickly than any other car manufactured in Europe.
In the United Kingdom, the Dauphine was one of the first imported cars to sell in large numbers, in a market formerly dominated by British manufacturers and local subsidiaries of American manufacturers. A total of 2,150,738 Dauphines were produced in its production run of 10 years.
The Dauphine achieved numerous motorsport victories, including taking the first four places in its class at the 1956 Mille Miglia. Due to our client having purchased another vehicle he is very motivated to sell all offers appreciated.