1969 Aston Martin DBS

It is a pleasure to present this beautiful vehicle to the market.

The DBS was the successor to the Aston DB6; however the DBS was a larger coupé than the DB6, with four full sized seats, but was powered by the same 4.0 L engine as the previous car. Claimed engine output at the time was 280 bhp.

In 1966, Touring of Milan was commissioned to design the DB6 replacement and produced two prototypes before the design house went out of business. William Towns was then hastily brought in to design the new car. The DBS was intended to have a more “modern” look than the previous series of Aston models (the DB4 through DB6), and it incorporated a fastback style rear end and squared off front grille, atypical of Astons at the time, but very much then in vogue in automotive design circles of the late sixties. Trademark Aston design features, such as a bonnet scoop, knock off wire wheels, and side air vents with stainless steel brightwork were however retained. The DBS was the last Aston Martin to be built under David Brown’s control and in my opinion was the last of the real Aston Martins, and the legendary straight- six engine.!!!

These extremely quick sports cars were the envy of the world when they appeared on the scene and once again, this is repeated today as these models are highly sought after and collectable .Featuring on ” Her Majesty’s Secret Service” James Bonds love affair with the Aston brand was just as strong with the stunning DBS.

This example is a clean straight car, in fact a car known to BAINS CMH for over 17 years. My client has used this car sparingly over his ownership and the time has come for it to be released from his collection and enjoyed by a new owner.

Please note the vehicle is reading in Miles.

Chassis Number : DBS5152R

Engine Number : 4003714S

Please contact me for further information and photos.

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