1972 "T" Car

“T” Car a New Zealand Classic

This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a very interesting piece of New Zealand motoring history.
The “T” car as it was known was made by Kit Kars Limited of Auckland and was the result of the ideas and vision of Russell Hooper who wanted a sports car, so built the car which became the prototype for the “T” car.
The car is best described as an open sports car similar in styling to an MGTF of the mid fifties era. The car is based on a Triumph Vittese or Herald chassis. The body kit comprises of steel and glass fibre panels. There were a number of engine options available, including Ford, Datsun, Toyota, Triumph, Leyland etc. This particular example has retained the original Triumph power unit. The result is a sports car which is easy to handle, economical and will outperform many of the cars in its class at a very reasonable price.
This example is road ready, with a fresh WOF. Our client, due to other commitments has engaged us to sell this unfinished project. His loss will be your gain. The car comes with a full windscreen, hood, solid side curtains etc.
A great opportunity to not only add value to this car, but to enjoy over the coming summer months.
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