1957 Peugeot 403

The 403 debuted as a sedan/saloon on 20th April 1955 at the Trocadéro Palace in Paris. For several months before it was launched, numerous 403’s, their badges removed, were driving on the roads near the manufacturer’s PSA Sochaux factory, becoming so familiar that the locals no longer noticed them, but attracting the Paris motoring press to a town usually of little interest to the national media.


Styled by Pinin Farina, the 403 featured ponton, three-box styling incorporating, except on the most basic models, a metal sunroof. The collaboration with Pinin Farina marked the start of a partnership which would see the Italian designer producing designs for Peugeot, including those many mainstream volume models, for more than fifty years.

The 403 used an enlarged version of the Peugeot 203’s 1290 cc petrol engine. Displacing 1468 cc, the straight-four unit employed pushrod-actuated valves and hemispherical combustion chambers and a crossflow cylinder head to produce 65 hp. The 403 used a manual 4-speed all-synchromesh transmission driving the rear wheels. The gear change lever stuck out from the right side of the steering column. For the Paris Motor Show in October 1957 the manufacturer offered, at extra cost, an electro-magnetic Jaeger automatic clutch, activated when changing gear.

This example is a New Zealand new manual, originally a Wairarapa car, then spending much of its life in Auckland.

This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a usable and practical classic. Use as is or treat it as a rolling restoration and add value to this French beauty. There are very few survivors of the early 403 in New Zealand. A very original car complete with hand book and original black number plates. Please note this vehicle is reading 84247 Miles.

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